Personal Training

First thing the gang needs to focus on is activity, NOT solely working out. What happens with most people is that when they want to lose weight they start working out 200 times a week and then a few weeks later their work gets crazy and they can’t maintain it… 

You need to find exercises that you are comfortable doing, that you enjoy and can do for the rest of your life without help.. Some of our super busy clients just focus on walking and they lose 1-5 lbs per week just by doing that… The whole goal is to make this as sustainable and as doable for the rest of your life not just for a few short months… 

Let me ask you, would you like to lose 40lb every year and gain it back and do that year after year? Or lose the 40lbs once and never gain it back again?

You need an exercise plan that is something you LOVE doing and something you can do forever. Does watching your favorite TV show feel like work? OF COURSE NOT! Because you love it. That’s how it should be for exercise also. 

For our clients, we work with them to find a customized schedule and plan that works for them, made for their goals and schedule and fitness level. Our clients do activities that they LOVE and can do for the rest of their life so doing exercise becomes like washing your favorite TV show, how cool is that right? And these are exercises they can do anywhere… so they don’t have to go to the gym or see a fitness coach in person. It’s all done remote. In person is done for accountability only.

Examples could be walking 10mins/day to get you started, or if you like Zumba, yoga, running, weight training we will program what you enjoy and what you can do consistently.

Group Classes

Group Classes will be held seasonally. Twice a year locally in St. John Parish, Louisiana or surrounding areas. Group sessions comprise of 3, 1-hr sessions per week including 2 days of strength training and 1 day of cardio.  

 Classes will be held at Blue Jay Fitness Gym in laplace, la and other designated locations in the elements. All group classes will have a duration of 12 weeks.

Contact Me for Current schedule 

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Classes will be comprised of total body training!

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Detox Teas

Detox Energy Booster tea is sold by the gallon and can be picked up at Blue Jay Fitness Gym. Benefits include increased metabolism, energy, focus, speeds digestions, and a host of other health benefits. Instructions: Drink your Energy Booster Detox 4 cups per day throughout the day. Make sure to drink an additional 4-5 bottles of water per day. 

Super foods Colon Cleanser Detox Tea is also sold by the gallon and has numerous benefits including aiding clients with health concerns such as thyroids, high blood pressure, fights cancer, energy, weight loss, bloating, and different diseases! It contains a host of fruits and vegetables infused with a gentle cleansing formula to make up the perfect detox! Instructions: Drink 8-10oz HOT on an empty stomach (can add 1-2 tablespoons of sea moss gel), followed by another 8-10oz 20 minutes before your lunch or dinner. Make sure to drink an additional 5 bottles of water per day. And increase your servings of fruits and green vegetables to 5 servings per day! 

Healthy Skin Detox designed to help with skin needs and concerns!  Benefits include Anti aging,  reduces acne, stimulates collagen, natural glow, delays hunger, reduces body fat, combats dehydration,  reduces inflammation, and a host of other health benefits!  Instructions: Drink 8-10oz HOT on an empty stomach (can add 1-2 tablespoons of sea moss gel), followed by another 8-10oz 20 minutes before your lunch or dinner. Make sure to drink an additional 5 bottles of water per day. And increase your servings of fruits and green vegetables to 5 servings per day! 



 A one hour Comprehensive  Consultation which includes putting on file client information, health and lifestyle questionnaire,  body composition, and fitness assessment, general meal guide and answer any questions or concerns within the scope of my certification. REQUEST HERE

Nutrition Coaching

You need to take a sustainable approach to nutrition… so you LEARN how to eat healthier. The goal is to NOT GET OVERWHELMED.  We take a customized approach when it comes to nutrition. Learn what are healthy foods that you love and lay things out  meal by meal…. Our average client loses 1-5lbs per week consistently because of the way we've designed our plan… would you like to learn how to develop a healthy lifestyle with nutrition so you can lose weight consistently?

This is the biggest reason why our clients get such good results… and it’s because of the coaching… The problem with this is most of you tried using your friend or your spouse as an accountability partner, it works for some but for others it doesn’t… When you both are tired and don’t want to prepare your food, then you’ll order out… But if you have a coach whose sole job is to make sure you're getting results and shift your beliefs, you’re going to be more motivated to do so. So we give our clients daily simple things to do to make it into a habit, then their coach hold them accountable to getting it done and checks in every single day… 

Imagine having a coaching checking in with you every single day holding you accountable & making sure you’re moving steadily towards your goals? How many of you think you’ll be able to shed the fat and reach your goals having that kind of support system?

Personal Meal Plan

You need to be able to have a sustainable nutrition plan that makes room for the things you love and you need to be able to follow it on vacations and holidays. Sustainable and Flexible Nutrition. You’re looking to lose the weight and keep it off forever right? Then Nutrition and Lifestyle change is going to be 90% of your transformation.

For the nutrition part of the program we are build a nutrition plan around your lifestyle and give you a structure on what to eat, what times to eat it and what foods to eat to get you to your goals,For our clients, we update their nutrition plan WEEKLY based on their feedback so it becomes easier and easier to follow and a part of their lifestyle. We teach our clients how to each healthy and how to do it on vacation, at a restaurant, while traveling…. No matter what situation you are in. 

we’re also going to provide for you hundreds of recipes on how to cook everything in under 10 minutes with cookbooks, recipe guides, shake and bake guides, everything you need nutritionally so we can build a diet around what is sustainable for you.

Meal Prep

Meal Prep prices may vary depending on individual goals. Meal preps will include 5 lunches and 5 dinners with add on breakfast and snack options available at your request. Each meal will be measured according to portion and serving sizes. Meals will consist of a protein, vegetable, fats, and carb options. This is for local pick up only.

Examples of meals include: Salmon Cakes, Glazed honey and ginger Salmon, Lemon & Parmesan chicken. Much more options available depending on your health history and fitness goals. Please contact to get your day  by day plan.


Sea Moss gel