Personal Training

1 hour: $30.00

Exercise logs will be planned and conducted based on individual needs and goals disclosed in the consultation and scores assessed during the fitness test . 

Special Discounts for weekly, monthly payments as well as semi-personal sessions! 

Price posted reflects the purchase of ONE SESSION ONLY!

Group Classes

1 hour: 75.00/Monthly

Group Classes will be held twice a week (2, 1-hr sessions) with a mandatory day on your own of 45 minutes of cardio for a total of 3 days per week.  

The price reflects the total price for the month. Classes will be held at Blue Jay Fitness Gym and other designated locations in the elements.

Contact Me for Current schedule 

Please contact me for more information.

Classes will be comprised of total body training!

More Classes Coming soon! Stay tuned!

Detox Teas

Detox Energy Booster tea is sold by the gallon and can be picked up at Blue Jay Fitness Gym. Benefits include increased metabolism, energy, focus, speeds digestions, and a host of other health resources. Please contact me for inquiries. 

liquid medicine Herbal "Green Detox" tea is also sold by the gallon and has numerous benefits including aiding clients with health concerns such as thyroids, high blood pressure, fights cancer and different diseases!  Sea moss, burdock root, etc. It is bottled with alkaline water enriched with minerals, herbs, as well as a host of fruits and vegetables infused with YOU in mind! 

Healthy Skin Detox designed to help with skin needs and concerns!  Benefits include Anti aging,  reduces acne, stimulates collagen, natural glow, delays hunger, reduces body fat, combats dehydration,  reduces inflammation, and a host of other health benefits! 



1 hour: $25.00

Comprehensive client information, health and lifestyle questionnaire,  body composition and fitness assessment, general meal guide and answer any questions or concerns within the scope of my certification.

Nutrional Coaching

60 minute intake

  • Food log, body measurements, before photos, body fat test, fit test, goal setting, etc.

Weekly Food Log Review

  • Pre and post workout nutrition,  sleep, foods, eating schedule 

30 Minute monthly Review

  • Body composition updates, photo progression compilation, fit test, goal assessment and review!

Personal Meal Plan

A meal plan will be prepared based on your physical objectives that you are trying to attain. The meal plan must be accompanied with a consultation to assess  comprehensive information and individualize your plan to meet your unique needs.

Meal Prep

Meal Prep prices may vary depending on individual goals. Meal preps will include 5 lunches and 5 dinners with add on breakfast and snack options available at your request. Each meal will be measured according to portion and serving sizes. Meals will consist of a protein, vegetable, fats, and some starch.

Examples of meals include: Salmon Cakes, Glazed honey and ginger Salmon, Lemon & Parmesan chicken. Much more options available depending on your health history and fitness goals.