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Hear from Our Satisfied Clients


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Good morning! I fell off the bandwagon some..but I must say your method is the truth! It's beeen a month. I'm down 7 pounds and 3 inches off the waistline. New month, I want to try to stick with it this time. I know you're busy but thank you for guiding me and showing me anything is possible when you stick your mind to it


Wooo don't want lose too much time to tone some more. Flat tummy coming thing this summer. Riva Johnson appreciate the coaching

Jakiya Joseph

Shout out to @bluejayfitness and Riva J! 10 day detox and recovery done! Now let's go hit this goal and maintain! I am loving this program so much! She's the truth y'all! Get at her for real! Tell her I sent you

Crystal Carmouche-Lee

Day #7 of my weight loss journey & 11lbs down... watch me work... Thanks so much for the motivation & coaching Riva Johnson

LaJuanne Gant

Good Morning Riva I'm just touching base with you about the Sea Mose I bought from you I absolute love it I have lose weight on it I went from 183 to 171.8 it gives me a lot of energy I did what you told me about eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and drink water I thank you some much for and I would love to get another Jar tomorrow if you have anything more available. Again I Thank you


This may be TMI..but I wanted your take or insight coach...okay soo00 | think this detox really did a positive number on me. I havent had a cycle in MONTHS maybe going on a year. The only thing I've done differently is this detox..I wonder if my body said okay sis, you wanna be cleared out...imma clear you out/heal you! Am I doing too much or Is this possible?