Elevate Your Fitness Journey with Our Tailored Coaching Packages

Elevate Your Fitness Journey with Our Tailored Coaching Packages

21 Day Cleanse and Recovery $499

Every day your body is fighting against toxins, bacteria, and pollutants from our environment that effects your health and well-being. It is imperative to give the digestive system a break and relieve your body of toxins that cause inflammation, fatigue, bloating, trouble sleeping, breakouts, weight gain, or trouble focusing to name a few. With so many ways to do this incorrectly, you will receive a day by day guide to get it right and help your body in several ways. You will be given a seasonal meal guide, a meal plan, instructions from a certified professional based on your unique body, one strategy session to set you up for success during the 21 day duration, a one on one session in the recovery process, daily accountability, community support, and 24/7 access to coach support during your program. By the end of 21 days, You’ll have an improved sense of well-being with more energy, a lighter feeling, healthier hair and skin, clearer thinking, and a boost of energy and immunity for starters. It’s the perfect way to kickstart and promotes healthy habits in your life without doing it alone or even worse quitting. You can get started by signing up for your one-on-one strategy session with our expert Coach Riva TODAY and a welcome email will be sent for orientation.

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14 Day Intuitive Eating $299

It can feel discouraging or defeating to begin a regimen after so many failed attempts at starting a healthy lifestyle. You may have the desire to be healthier and stronger but there is always something holding you back. You have not found the discipline or motivation so you feel as though you are stuck living with this extra weight forever. There’s hope, you will feel empowered when you don’t have to be restricted to specific recipes, diet plans, calorie counting, or strict instructions. Focus during this 14 Day process will shift from weight to on how you feel and rid feelings of shame and guilt. This is the initial process to understand the principles of intuitive eating, establish a healthy relationship with food ,and knowing which food is good for your overall well-being. You will learn get in touch with what works for your unique body, and participate in nutrition experiments to understand what works for you, relieving yourself of the mental stress while feeding your body the nutrients it needs to thrive. During these experiments, you will have an expert coach providing accountability, 24/7 coach support, hand-outs to document and chart observations during your program, a one-on-one session at the end of your program to gain a deeper perspective and understanding of your needs moving forward. This is an eye opening experience that you should have at least ONCE. A welcome email will be sent for orientation with your assigned coach.

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12 Week Version 2.0 Transformation-qualify now

This 12 Week Program will empower you to create long lasting positive changes in your health. This program doesn’t stop at your physical state but will also address your emotional and mental health. This program eliminates the cultural habit of “doing all the things” to get the results to actually becoming the person who attracts and deserves the results. You will be guided through a step by step process to help you breakthrough any road blocks that may have been keeping you from reaching your goals. You will learn how to effectively manage your behavior and develop strategies to create healthy habits that will last a lifetime. The possibilities are endless when you unlock your true potential and blossom into a healthier, happier version of yourself. During the course of 12 weeks, you will meet bi-weekly with your expert coach to release trauma from the old identity/ego in the safest space imaginable while getting insight on how to stay motivated during the shedding process to remain aligned with your goals, you will get daily and weekly accountability based on the outlines that we set in our meeting, given which step you are operating in within the program, you will have 24/7 access to your expert coach, a fitness regimen based on your fitness level, knowledge of nutrition and steps to implement weekly to stay on track with your goals, as well as specific assignments to address your unique mental or emotional roadblocks as you work throughout your program. This program is 100% customized to you in the areas of fitness, well-being, mindset, and nutrition. It will go at your pace depending on your readiness.  No one should enter and leave this program without becoming the next version of themselves. This program is only offered after a discovery call to ensure it is a good fit for the coach and client. To deeper your understanding of this offer and see if this is the right program for where you are in your journey, schedule your discovery call TODAY!

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12 Week Habit and Lifestyle change-Qualify now

This 12 Week Program is dedicated to applying all the foundations of nutrition and fitness. With so much information out there regarding diets, fat loss, and fitness it is easy to get overwhelmed in what truly matters. It’s imperative to understand the basics and experience the basics. This is a step by step breakdown that will motivate you to get to the next level, with each step performed you will grow your skillset and advance into acquiring more complex skills as you master your weekly goals. The average weight loss client that enters this program loses an average of 18-25 pounds, experiences significant toning, and develops strong habits that influence their new lifestyle for the long term. During this 12 Week process you will have 3 one on one coaching calls at the beginning, middle, and end of program. These sessions are 100% customized to your needs and can be used for a perspective, to evaluate roadblocks, to release any resistance, to game plan for the upcoming month, etc. Clients have the option to add on daily accountability at a 40% discount to ensure that you hit your goals with support of an assigned coach and community.

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Blue Jay Gang $499

This monthly membership equips you with a complete workout regimen for toning and sculpting your body with video tutorials to ensure proper form and technique to prevent injury. A weekly meal guide to shed fat, reduce inches from your midsection, and stay on track with your goals. We will meet up as a community on a monthly basis for accountability and empowerment coaching! Our private FB group will be utilized for 1:1 accountability and motivational community support. You will also receive our monthly supplement kit packed with herbs and sea moss based on our initial consultation call. You will receive one, 1:1 call with your coach to strategize for the success of the month. Purchase now to get the full detail of deliverables.

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30% Discounts will be given to personal training sessions when a client signs up for 12 Week Coaching Program.