Empowering Transformations through Personal Experience

Empowering Transformations through Personal Experience

About Blue Jay Fitness

Blue Jay Fitness was founded in 2019, by Riva Johnson after overcoming a transformative personal journey. Focusing on supplementing her income to support her family, Riva began by training friends and social media connections who witnessed her accomplishments. It led to the launch of personal and group training fitness classes.

Over four years, She expanded her knowledge through education, courses, conferences, coaching, and personal development. These experiences allowed Riva to address underlying issues and generate countless results for her target audience.

Today, Blue Jay Fitness delivers a top-tier health transformation program dedicated to empowering women in leadership positions. With a carefully designed approach that transcends the traditional gym experience, we allow career-driven women to foster physical strength, mental resilience and emotional balance in a supportive and motivational environment. Our comprehensive program integrates diverse fitness modalities, one-on-one personal training, and actionable nutritional guidance to create personal change that triggers professional growth. Cognizant of the unique demands placed on women leaders, Blue Jay Fitness cultivates an inclusive fitness community that promotes body positivity, facilitates stress management, and enhances self-confidence. Expert trainers, equipped with knowledge specifically tailored to address women's health, provide individualized attention to help each member excel. From high-intensity interval trainings and strength-building sessions, to restorative yoga and mindfulness practices, we ensure all aspects of wellness are catered to. Moreover, our innovative virtual platform brings this transformation into your living room or office, providing the flexibility that today's leaders demand. Blue Jay Fitness is committed to challenging the status quo, disrupting the gender balance in leadership, and fostering a new standard where uplifted, fit, and confident women take center stage in shaping the future.

Riva Johnson- Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, & Lifestyle Coach

From leading dance choreography in high school to transforming lives through fitness, I’ve always been dedicated to helping my clients achieve their goals. My passion for HIIT dance and weight training to the beat has fueled my journey from childhood ambitions to a lifelong lifestyle.

As an award-winning autism specialist for 15 years, I never imagined the incredible path that awaited me when I transitioned into personal Training. What began as a mission to transform bodies evolved into something even more magical. Not only did I witness physical transformations, but my positive energy sparked profound inner shifts in my clients. I became a catalyst for mental rewiring and breaking free from old patterns.

Pouring all my energy into my coaching program, I created the Blue Jay Way—a unique approach you’ll only find at Blue Jay Fitness. Drawing on my psychology, biology, teaching, and neuroscience background, I developed a path to long-term success. I embarked on this journey because I’m driven by the joy of seeing my clients flourish after rewiring their mindsets. It’s a divine connection that brings the right people together at the right time, building a community and empowering the world.

With certifications and degrees in psychology, biology, teaching, Personal Training, and nutrition, I bring a wealth of expertise to the industry. I host wellness retreats, speak at empowerment events, and proudly authored the 12 Week Transformation Journal. My work has been featured in Dallas Boss Magazine, Voyage Dallas, Shout Out DFW, the Jeff Crilley Show, and various podcasts.

Join me at Blue Jay Fitness, where we embark on transformative journeys together, making the world a better place one empowered individual at a time. Let’s rewrite your story and unleash your full potential.

Fitness and Health Coaching for a sustainable lifestyle change

Nutrition, Wellness, And Fitness Certifications

Establishing trust with my clients is my top priority.

My mission is to help clients confront and unpack their relationship to food and nutrition. I understand how crucial it is to trust the advice you get from a personal trainer; that’s why I stay updated on the best information in the industry and maintain professional certifications, such as the following.

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