Many women avoid the heavy lifting in fears that they will appear bulky but this is far from the truth! In fact, Lifting heavy will aid you in long term, sustainable results.

How, you ask?  It increases your body’s ability to burn fat even while you’re at rest!

Yassssss to that! As your body builds muscle it will burn more calories. WOOT, WOOT!

Need a Brazilian Butt lift but scared of surgery? Get rid of the bat wings? 

Lifting heavy will help sculpt your body to enhance your curves and tighten up those places that used to jiggle. 


Here comes the Warning! 

You may not see a decline on the scale but don’t get discouraged your body may appear smaller and you’ll slowly begin to see muscle definition. 

We all know that you have a position that keeps you front and center, lifting will transform your appearance for powerful self-esteem and through the roof confidence as you take center stage. It’s your best answer to feel more energized and enjoy incredible performance with your day to day activities and hobbies. 

For decades, we believed cardio burns more than lifting….we missed the fact that those long runs decreased decreased our muscle size. That’s not what we want because we are playing the long term game of health and by far building and keeping lean muscle will help us maintain a healthy weight for the long term!

Now it’s time for you to make a decision to pick up those weights to sculpt a strong gorgeous body with defined legs, a tight tummy, and defined arms. If you want to learn more about how Blue Jay Fitness can support your body goals, contact us TODAY !